Survey: Seven of Ten Afghans preferred Obama over McCain as US President

I conducted this survey for my class on October 20, 2008. I know it has lost its news value, but it still delivers the message. We are looking forward to Barack Obama to take serious steps for Afghanistan’s stability. I will write about what Afghans want from America’s new president in near future. Until then, have the survey’s result.
Seven of ten Afghans interviewed believe Barack Obama, if elected president, will be better for Afghanistan. Three of ten think Afghanistan’s situation will not get better simply with the change of president at White House until there is a fundamental change in the United States of America’s foreign policy for Afghanistan.
The basic question was; who will be better for Afghanistan as next president of the U.S.A?
• Barack Obama : 7/10
• John McCain : 0/10
• None of them : 3/10
• Not Sure : 0/10
According to Wikipedia there are 20,000 American troops in Afghanistan combating Al-Qaeda and Taliban. Both John McCain and Barack Obama have stated that they will increase the number of soldiers in Afghanistan. The ultimate difference Afghans see in both candidates’ policy is that Obama supports going after insurgents in Pakistan if needed while McCain disagrees.
Seven of those interviewed say the leak of insurgents from Pakistan into Afghanistan is the main cause of terrorism in Afghanistan.
According to icasualties.org, 997 coalition forces (617 US), 3,485 Afghan civilians and 8,587 Afghan troops have been killed since US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.
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