He is Offline Forever

Abid Akmal, a journalist and medical doctor was a very good friend of mine. A part from having professional attitude, he had a lovely and pure heart. He would always laugh and smile. When I came to the US, I was in touch with him through MSN and would often exchange jokes about our friends and others. We would even discuss Ajmal (his brother) and laugh on some funny moments which Abid would recalled from his playing games with Ajmal in their childhood. This great friend of mine was abducted and killed recently in Kabul. The reason is yet to be known. (God bless him.)

Once he proposed a solution to my problem and after that he told me to call him Per. Per is a Pashto language word for a high religious and respected person who leads you to a right path. Whenever I open my MSN, I see his offline status which mars me so badly that I cannot avoid my tears. My Per is offline forever!

Here is an appeal for justice from his parents regarding his case.

To: All Journalists & Human Rights Organizations

18 November 2008

Dear all,

Abid Akmal, my son, was a medical doctor, a journalist, a writer and an intellectual personality. Dr. Akmal has recently joined Edinburgh University of Scotland to obtain his MA degree in economic development and investment promotion. He did contribute in development and peace-building process of Afghanistan through fulfilling different assignments in different media and investment promotion (IPA) organizations. He was a man of both ambitions and actions.

He was kidnapped and brutally murdered on 13 August 2008 at the age of 26. His dead body was found on 4 October 2008 in north of Kabul by us without receiving any legal assistance from security institutions. Although, Bagram Police had already been in the picture as they found Akmal’s dead body on 15 August 2008, but they tried to fade away any track of him.
Two culprits were arrested regarding the case but enough efforts have not yet been made to develop the case in a proper and professional way to bring all perpetrators to justice. The incomplete file was submitted to the Office of Attorney for Security Affairs for the fifth time. The reason and motive behind this cruelty, murder of Dr. Akmal, has not been yet known, though one of the two culprits confessed but he denied understanding of the motive as it was a contract murder and he was paid for.Some evidences vanished by police officers, especially by Gen. Alishah Paktiawal, at different stages of investigation to weaken the case.

At the same time, we have received some unknown phone calls that have threatened us. Reports have been submitted to the NDS (National Directorate of Security) regarding these phone calls but nothing has been done to arrest them or to find out their relation with murderer(s). These callers want us not to follow up the legacy of my son, but we will.We informed high officials and submitted our complains to the Office of the President, Office of Administrative Affairs, Office of Chief of Justice and Office of Attorney General, but still we face lack of enough attention from the government officials while dealing with the case.

We are lost, living hopeless and do not know what to do and to whom raise our voice and concerns. I hope you assist us in following up of legacy of my son.

Sincerely yours,

Parents of Abid Akmal
0093 (0) 700 27 6861
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2 thoughts on “He is Offline Forever

  1. Bashir, would you fu*** post something exciting…. I am gonna leave visiting your blog if you continue so….I am feeling pain at this moment for this guy. He is so young! God help your countray dear!

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