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Ashraf Ghani: Karzai is not capable of leadership.


Dr. Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan former finance minister in Hamid Karzai’s government and a possible presidential candidate for up coming election has criticized Karzai for weak leadership and bad management. American educated, Ghani was one of the first few high educated intellectuals who joined post Taliban government and worked in US backed Karzai cabinet. However, after serving for a couple of years as the minister of finance he resigned.

Many Afghans have gathered in Afghanistan and abroad to ask him run for office and he “seriously considered” the suggestion. Now as Karzai is extremely unpopular among Afghans, he is the most qualified person for the job.

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria talks to him and other experts on what could be done to counter terrorism and bring back prosperity to Afghanistan.


3 thoughts on “Ashraf Ghani: Karzai is not capable of leadership.

  1. Karzai is making too much noise about innocent civilian casualties. He won’t be the first to make this his swan song 😉

  2. Let`s see what solutions this gentlan comes up with, to the problems of a smashed Afghan Nation by many!! Lets see if he adds to that number or turn things to betterment.

    Hope it just doesnt make an end to the Pashtoon leadership.

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