Afghan / Afghan warlords / Hamid Karzai

Karzai is loving it!

Afghan president Hamid Karzai is loving it. No, not the McDonalds but his post. After his “according to Afghan constitution” decision to hold the presidential election in April, he now accepts that Afghan presidential election should be postponed from to August. However, he won’t step down at the end of his term-May 21st.

BBC quoted him saying, “As long as there is no election, the president will stay in office.” His opponents think otherwise. They believe there should be an interim government.

Afghanistan’s history shows that most Afghan presidents never wanted to leave their post. In fact, Afghan presidents rarely transmit the power. I do not understand why they fall in love with the presidential palace that they never want to exit. Is it fun to rule a country full of mess? Or is there glue on that chair that no one wanted to leave it once they held?

The funniest was when Burahnuddin Rabbani, head of Northern Alliance’s warlords, was famous for taking his presidential chair to wherever he went. He held on to it even after Taliban took over Kabul and 95% of Afghan land.

I do not know why Karzai’s rivals not letting him rule for another five months. I have doubts about their rivalry to our president because if they are really anti-Karzai, they should let him stay in the mess for as long as he wants. I remember of a crazy old woman in our village who would curse people saying, “Be the king of Kabul!”


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