About Me And AfghanCorner

Thank you for stopping by.

I am Bashir Ahmad Gwakh, a freelance journalist from Afghanistan. I’m currently working as Broadcaster with Radio Free Europe in Prague. Before going to the US to pursue my Masters in Media and Communion in United States, I was working as news editor for NATO/ISAF newspaper. Before ISAF/NATO, I covered political and security issues for IWPR (Institute for War and Peace Reporting) and PAN (Pajhwok Afghan News) in eastern Afghanistan.

I’ve worked as public relations officer for Eastern Zone Journalists and Writers Union-Afghanistan and have trained spokespersons for Afghan political parties at Sayara Media & Communications. I’ve also served as chief-editor for Saanga, a highly acclaimed political and news magazine in Afghanistan. I’ve published my first Pashtu poetry book, “Your Memories Are My Campanions” and am currently working on a novel and a collection of short stories. I have been published in local and international media outlets.

I started AfghanCorner to generate and share ideas about the current situation in Afghanistan. As a native Afghan, I will do my best to bring more knowledge and a broader perspective of current affairs in ‘once-ignored’ country and its surrounding areas to the readers, especially those who have not been to Afghanistan.

Contact: hajrulaswad@gmail.com

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