Ashraf Ghani: Karzai lacks the courage to face myself and to defend himself to the people of Afghanistan

Malali Bashir


Recently Afghan president Hamid Karzai rejected Dr. Ashraf Ghani’s offer to participate in a series of debates. Speaking indirectly of Ghani, Karzai said he will not take part in debates with those who have dual citizenship. Ghani is an Afghan presidential hopeful and Karzai’s strongest contender in presidential race. He is believed to have American citizenship. However, Ghani’s campaign says has already given up US citizenship. Ghani, on the other hand, accused Karzai of lack of courage to face him in debates. Here is a press release from Ghani’s camp.

“The decision of Mr. Karzai not to participate in a series of three debates, which we had agreed upon, is a significant setback to our fledgling democracy in Afghanistan.

The mind is able to only to come up with two logical explanations for Mr. Karzai’s decision.
The first is that he has no intention of going through with the election as scheduled on August 20 and therefore, speaking directly to the Afghan people in a televised debate would be what he considers a waste of time. This would be a tragedy for Afghanistan in addition to being totally illegal under our constitution.

I call on President Karzai to publicly declare that the election on August 20 will go on as scheduled and that he will do nothing to deny the people of Afghanistan the right to make necessary changes in their government.

Second is a serious and profound charge to make against any Afghan, but in this instance, one is led to the conclusion that President Karzai simply lacks the courage to face myself and to defend himself to the people of Afghanistan. This is a very serious allegation, as the Afghan people are known for many things: our deep and abiding Islamic faith, our concern for our families and communities, our hard work, and perhaps as much as anything, our strength and courage.

Now that it is evident that President Karzai cannot hide behind the apron of the Bush Administration and he is forced to stand alone to speak directly to the Afghan people, he has decided to stay closeted in his palace. This decision confirms what many Afghans have come to realize. This president simply lacks the courage and the strength to lead our great nation.

The truth is, every Afghan in everyday life has to fight the scourge of insecurity, lawlessness and thugs, the lack of electricity, the unsafe drinking water and a corrupt government. Now, it is our time, Afghanistan.”


5 thoughts on “Ashraf Ghani: Karzai lacks the courage to face myself and to defend himself to the people of Afghanistan

  1. It is quite evident that when one is running for presidential election according to the constitution of Afghanistan should be having only Afghan nationality. Mr. Ghani being a candidate, of course has gone through the process and has left his other nationality.Karzai only wants to divert people's attention from pointing out the failure of his 8 years presidency. He exactly as Ghani says has no courage or gut to face people. He is a powerless power lover who does not care what Afghans are going through. He only wants and loves his position. He wants it by any means and by any way.We as Afghans have ethical duty to vote for someone who would take us to the next stage, it is ofcourse not Karzai but Ghani.Noorzai

  2. It’s really shameful and non logical reason for not participating in series of debates. Ok I am asking Mr. Karzai: when you employed him as your Minister of Finance, and Chancellor of Kabul University what was his citizenship at that time? If he had American Citizenship at that time as well so its mean you were employed non Afghan Citizen (American) in your government and in your cabinet, which is unlawful and against Afghanistan’s constitution and it’s something usual for you. Please don’t be like child to blame each other with non logical reason if reason is his American citizen so more than half of your cabinet Ministers are have American or other European citizenship, I don’t need to explain their names because all are know who are they. Even I am not sure about your citizen as well !Kakar

  3. Democracy 101 guys, keep up the pressure and Karzai has to either give in to a debate or risk being publicly shamed for not doing so.I think Ashraf Ghani and Abdulla Abdulla should make an alliance, then Karzai will be out for sure, no?

  4. Tonight is the night, Mr Karzai has agreed to perticipate in a live TV debate with Mr Ghani, I am really really looking forward to see Mr Karzai standing to face the scruitiny of a well experienced, educated and couragouse Ghani.Siddiq

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