Afghan women and negotiations with the Taliban / afghan women politicians / negotiations with the Taliban / qahramana kakar / Rangina Hamidi / wazhma forogh

Afghan women take on negotiations with the Taliban

This is the first time that I am watching some good and fruitful discussion from great Afghan women who really represent Afghanistan. 

I have always said I have more faith in Afghan women rather than Afghan men to govern the country. They have always been remained victims while men had had upper hand. Overwhelming majority of Afghan male politicians have links with armed groups and are corrupt. On the other hand, Afghan female politicians are much more sincere for the country and making conditions right for ordinary Afghans.

Unless other Afghan female politicians (i.e. Malali Joya and many others), these women make a lot of sense. They talk from an Afghan perspective rather than fabricating women conditions for their personal gains. 

They are right. If these brutal warlords can be changed and have a part in government why not the Taliban. The Taliban are the same as the current warlords in Afghan government.

Wagma Forogh is very realistic which is always good. Rangina Hamidi is a great thing happen to Afghanistan. Qaharamana Kakar deserves to be part of council on negotiations. She will bring much more to the table. 

Watch the full episode. See more PBS NewsHour.

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