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A Decaying State: Afghanistan / Afghanistan documentary / Children for sale / kidnapping in Afghanistan

Children for sale in Afghanistan (documentary)

From Journeyman Pictures: “Children for sale, the Talibans parallel government and a booming kidnap business: this exclusive report uncovers the state of anarchy and lawlessness prevailing across the country today. In a refugee camp in the North of Afghanistan, a father sells his son to survive. Say your goodbyes now, its time to go, says … Continue reading

AfghanCorner / Bashir Gwakh / beautiful Kabul / Kabul in night / Kabul pictures. Old Kabul / Pamir Scahill

Kabul-My Love

by Pamir Scahill We were near to land at Kabul International Airport. My mother told me to look downward from the window of Arianna International Airlines’ new and huge plane. Down what I saw is still recurring in my dreams. The entire city was looking like a huge landscape of illuminating gems, diamonds and crystalline … Continue reading

Artists leaving music industry for preaching Islam / Nazia Iqbal giving up singing and want to go to Tablegh / Nazia Iqbal quits singing

Nazia Iqbal Quits Singing, Vows to Preach Islam

بشير ګواښ – پراګمشال ريډيو د پښتو ژبې مشهورې سندرغاړې نازيه اقبال اعلان کړی چې نور به د سندرو پر ځای د مذهب تبليغ کوي. په دې وروستيوو کې ډيرو سندرغاړو د کورونو د نه اجازې، ژوند ته د ورپيښو خطرونو او د موسيقۍ د ماحول د خرابوالي له وجې هنر پريښي. ځينې نور بيا … Continue reading

Frontline / Opium / Opium Brides PBS Documentary / PBS

Opium Brides (video)

(PBS FRONTLINE): Afghan opium farmers have long borrowed money from drug gangs to subsidize their crops. Now, as the Afghan government destroys their livelihood in an eradication program, the farmers find themselves in a horrifying situation: repay their debts or give their daughters to drug-traffickers. [PBS’s] Najibullah Quraishi reports on the harrowing story of the … Continue reading